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Our fabric is machine-washable, quick-drying and can be ironed in the classic way.

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Your INDUO® fabric garment has no washing constraints compared to a classic 100% cotton garment. You can also wash it with your other clothes.

Use a classic 30 °C or 40 °C setting. You can also wash it in a delicate setting, cold or by hand because its technology avoids it getting too dirty.

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With INDUO®, no dryer is needed! Your garment will dry naturally in the blink of an eye. Hanging on a hanger and drying in the open air, it will also be easier to iron.

Avoiding the dryer only brings advantages: it's more economical for you, more ecological for the planet and in addition it significantly extends the life of your garment. Indeed, the tumble dryer puts textiles to the test, especially fine and fine fabrics like INDUO®.

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There are 2 types of INDUO® fabrics
- 100% cotton fabrics that can be ironed at maximum temperature (temperature indicated by 3 dots on your iron)

- Stretch fabrics containing 2% elastane or "lycra" which must be ironed at 150 ° C maximum (temperature indicated by 2 points on your iron)

In both cases, there is a simple tip for ironing clothes made from INDUO® fabric: spray liberally with water with your iron. The droplets will land on the surface of the fabric and when you pass your iron they will smooth out any creases.

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The promise of INDUO® is to resist liquid stains. Luckily, you can also get rid of some solid stains by rinsing them with water. Try to rinse the stain off as quickly as possible so that it does not have time to penetrate the fabric.

Be careful not to rub, this could make matters worse. Just use the pressure of the water faucet to wash away the stain. If necessary, you can add a little soap to the residue to get it all out.

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Whitening products, bleach products and stain removers in general are very aggressive on clothes. They are to be avoided, in particular for noble 100% cotton textiles with great fineness such as INDUO® fabrics.

Luckily and thanks to its properties, your INDUO® fabric garment shouldn't need it anyway.

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It is quite possible to entrust your INDUO® fabric garment to a dry cleaner. Dry cleaning is compatible with our fabrics. If a washing method other than dry cleaning is used, make sure that the garment will not be washed at more than 40 ° C, nor dried in the dryer.

Be careful in particular if you entrust your garment to hotels or industrial laundries: clothes are sometimes washed like sheets at maximum temperature and this can not only affect their lifespan but also cause them to shrink.


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